What’s Percolating: Panther Arrives in Grand Cayman, Steven Smith Teamaker Teas Brewing at Harry’s Pizzeria

What could be better than serving great coffee and tea products?  Offering more of them in more locations, of course!  As such, we are proud to announce that this week we are introducing Panther Coffee at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink Grand Cayman including the full espresso line-up and drip coffee with beans from Fazenda Chapadão de Ferro (for full description, click here.)

Don’t get any ideas! This is Coke recipe kind of gold.

And next week our favorite mid-afternoon pick-me-up, Cold Brew, goes into effect!  Joel and Leticia Pollock (and the latest addition to the family little Luciana!) just spent Sunday to Wednesday on-island to train our staff on how to properly make and present the Panther portfolio. Michael said it best on email yesterday, “Can’t wait to drink great coffee on my next visit!”  Here on the mainland, Steve Smith Teamaker teas are also now available at Harry’s Pizzeria in Lord Bergamot (Earl Grey,) White Petal (white tea,) and Mao Feng Shui (green tea,) after debuting at MGFD in Miami this past December. Drink up!

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