Michael & Hedy Bring Miami’s Frita to Philly for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Great Chefs Event

Eat your hearts out Cuban sandwich shit talkers!  From the controversy, we slip into a happy place where the undisputed burger of Cuba reigns king in Miami — the frita.

After successfully bringing back the scrapple to Philadelphia at last year’s Alex’s Lemonade Stand Great Chefs event hosted by Marc Vetri, Michael was inspired by the best frita-maker stateside for next Tuesday’s tasting for a cause.

We’re speaking of none other than El Mago de Las Fritas, on West Flagler in Little Havana.  Michael named El Mago’s frita one of his top five burgers in Miami in a recent post on Serious Eats’ A Hamburger Today blog!  He and executive pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith have collaborated on a macked-out version of their own complete with homemade components.  Get the recipe below, and stay tuned for a demo the two will do for Breville and its webisode series, Thought for Food.  Their version features homemade Cuban bread buns and shoestring potatoes, which are substituted below for store-bought — making for a more home-friendly burger (You can blame it on me!)

El Mago knows best!  Here, the caballero frita complete with fried egg.

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