A Sweeter Smoker with the Genuine: Hedy’s Treats Feature Smoked Chocolate and Candied Bacon

Hedy’s favorite childhood treats feature s’mores

I gently knocked on the glass door at MGFD, anticipating my first day behind the scenes with the Genuine. It was an early morning of quiet preparation before the upcoming weekend service, quite a different rhythm than my previous visits for the more hectic dinnertime. Upside down chairs rested atop thick moving blankets, protecting the wooden tables. The team’s voices were barely above a whisper, soothed by the even mellower buzz of the oven.

I casually explored the kitchen, watching Michael pass through while carrying a box of Georgia peaches. The pastry department was already getting a head start on Hedy’s favorite childhood treats, and Pastry Sous Chef Amy announced her presence with a gentle call, “Behind!”, manuverearing her way through the narrow passageways. She quickly reached the standing mixer, holding a saucepan full of boiling simple syrup. Steadily, she added a thin stream of the sweetened hot liquid to a meringue for the house made cocoa nib marshmallows.

The marshmallows are one of the components for Hedy’s s’mores, a re-thought classic done in a slightly smokier way. As the treat was explained to me, “It’s basically just two house made cookies, a toasted house made marshmallows, melted smoked chocolate and…” I immediately interrupted the pastry pros for some serious clarification, “Did I just hear you say smoked chocolate?” Continue reading