Daily Dinner Specials Begin Monday, June 18 at Harry’s Pizzeria

Ready… Set… Daily Dinner Specials!  A week from today, chef de cuisine Manny Sulbaran will roll out a schedule of weekday dinner dishes at Harry’s, each $18.   Our graphics design intern and Miami Ad school student Junior Narvaez, responsible for Harry’s creative identity, is designing new, foldable menus to make room for them.  Set your calendar reminders now!  As you can see from the photo above, my favorite day is going to be Monday.  Who woulda thunk it possible?!  What’s your favorite day?

Wood Oven ½ Roasted Poulet Rouge Chicken, salsa verde & fennel slaw

Braised Short Ribs, peperonata sauce & orzo salad

Crispy Lamb shank, balsamic onions & giardineira

“Frito” Pork, mojo & calabza hash

Local Fish in Cartoccio
Tomato, fingerling potato, lemon, onion & white wine

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