Genuine Crossover: From Pork Belly to Pizza and Back Again

Double Take: Genuine pastry team member Tiffany trying her hand at Harry’s oven station.

The Genuine Hospitality Group functions like a family; we joke, we cook, and we clean together.  We spend way too much time together! And we take care of each other.  We each do our part to keep it all running, because let’s face it, the  business ain’t easy. It takes a lot to keep TGHG oiled and in tip top shape, and sometimes that means crossing the Design District to help out.

You might see a familiar face at our newest addition, Harry’s, or at MGFD that you recognize and have to take a second to recall from where.  Like when you see a really good actor pull off a really good song (Gwyneth Paltrow?), I love seeing our staff members in the opposite uniforms.  It’s an opportunity for some perspective, a chance to step out of the box, to keep us all at the very top of our games. I caught up with some of our Genuine Crossovers this week, to see how they feel about it. Here’s what they had to say.

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