Genuine Crossover: From Pork Belly to Pizza and Back Again

Double Take: Genuine pastry team member Tiffany trying her hand at Harry’s oven station.

The Genuine Hospitality Group functions like a family; we joke, we cook, and we clean together.  We spend way too much time together! And we take care of each other.  We each do our part to keep it all running, because let’s face it, the  business ain’t easy. It takes a lot to keep TGHG oiled and in tip top shape, and sometimes that means crossing the Design District to help out.

You might see a familiar face at our newest addition, Harry’s, or at MGFD that you recognize and have to take a second to recall from where.  Like when you see a really good actor pull off a really good song (Gwyneth Paltrow?), I love seeing our staff members in the opposite uniforms.  It’s an opportunity for some perspective, a chance to step out of the box, to keep us all at the very top of our games. I caught up with some of our Genuine Crossovers this week, to see how they feel about it. Here’s what they had to say.

Amers on the artichokers.

Tiffany Rawson, a pastry chef at MGFD, has been doubling up for the past month, also on the pizza oven at Harry’s. Amy Kalinowski, our pastry sous chef at Genuine also handles the dessert section of Harry’s menu under the leadership of Hedy Goldsmith.

Ellie Sara Groden:  Do you like working at Harry’s?
Tiffany Rawson: Love it back here, and I get to switch up my routine.
ESG: You do look like a badass.
TR: Thanks! When I was in San Fran I made pizza, and now I get to learn the wood oven. I just think it’s fun.
ESG: Amy?
Amy Kalinowski: I like it, we get a pastry insider at Harry’s.
TR: Yeah, recently a guest asked a server if there was yogurt in the panna cotta – I said, ‘No its buttermilk.’
AK: See that’s something only pastry would know, and the Harry’s servers can’t run over and ask us, like the Michael’s servers can.

Michael Kump, veteran manager at MGFD, is now also a manager at Harry’s. Eric Vasquez began as a busser at Harry’s and became a busser at MGFD as well.

ESG: Why do you like MGFD and why do you like Harry’s?
Mike Kump: I like the fast pace of Michael’s.
Eric Vasquez: I like the rock music at Harry’s.
MK: It’s really nice to see Michael’s regulars at Harry’s.
EV: I enjoy the experience that I get at Michael’s.
MK: I live for the meatballs at Harry’s.

Jason Denisiewicz, all-star MGFD bartender has turned Harry’s counter pro. Simeon Humphreys, MGFD server/manager is now Harry’s General Manager.

ESG: You know both so well, which do you like better?
Jason Denisiewicz: I like the music and sports games at Harry’s, but I like learning about all different kinds of food at Michael’s.  But Manny’s soup is at Harry’s.
ESG: I’d follow Manny’s soup anywhere. Simeon?
Simeon Humphries: I think it’s a great way for the members of our collective teams to experience both sides of the street, sometimes people need that to energize them about the benefits of where they work.

I couldn’t agree more. And I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Genuine family.

Ellie Sara Groden, Michael’s assistant, has been with The Genuine Hospitality Group for one year. She was born in Miami Shores, Florida. Taught English in Rome, favors Maui and Big Sky. Seeks out nature, culture, laughter and food! Find her on Twitter@EllieSara.

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