Let’s Talk Riesling, Part I: A Lesson with Wine Director Eric Larkee

Rieslings on display for my first lesson with Eric Larkee at the MGFD Bar

“I was hoping to talk to you about Riesling,” I shyly conveyed to Wine Director Eric Larkee. We were sitting at the bar at MGFD. He was savoring his double espresso, no sugar, no milk. I was sitting quietly, a little nervous about the talk ahead. Like many other wine consumers, I previously associated the grape varietal with a heavy, oftentimes overwhelming, sweetness. So, when I first sat down for my lesson about the high acid wine, I knew that Eric had his work cut out for him.

He finished his coffee with a couple sips of water, and slowly started opening up about high acidity, labeling classifications and charts. After a lot of explaining, and occasionally re-explaining, Eric taught me that a talk about Riesling is also a talk about balance and versatility. There’s no isolated component that makes one Riesling drier or sweeter than another, or one simple, clear cut explanation to it all. Understanding Riesling is all about seeing the big picture, and seeing how everything works together. Continue reading