Hitting Our Menus Now: Three New Sandwiches at MGFD, Plus Harry’s Daily Dinner Specials

Chef de cuisine Bradley Herron getting down to business this past Saturday at MGFD; the only day we are closed for lunch for catch-up and prep.

As you know by now, the way the kitchen works at MGFD is that everyday we usually verbal — i.e. don’t print on menu — anywhere from two to sometimes four or even five (since we like to count dessert!) new dishes.  These usually 86 by the next day to be replaced with more new items based on what ingredients are coming in season, and start it all over again. We don’t know those until the day of and they have a day or two days life cycle at most.  Sometimes these new dishes are printed, as are little changes to items that have been around for a while, like the burrata salad, which gets figs when local heirloom tomatoes seas ends in summer.

The not so po’ boy.

So I guess what I’m getting  at is that we when do get printed changes to the menu, it’s kind of a big deal!  Great news, for us here in the office at least since we eat lunch at Michael’s more than any other meal, is that we are currently rolling out updates to the sandwich section. The Banh Mi, pronounced bang me for those of you who have not been to Vietnam (echem @stevebm,) with its crispy pork belly meeting creamy pate and some pickled veg and herbs of all sorts to cut it, is a regular verbal special now getting some ink.  The newcomer stealing the show however has to be Crispy Florida Shrimp with preserved meyer lemon remoulade, frisée, and heirloom tomato. There’s a little heat in the schmear and matched with the juicy acidity of tomato and fresh, slightly bitter crunch of frisse on a toasty baguette… well… it just hits the spot and won our hearts at first bite.  Check out the rest of the sandwiches on the lunch menu here. I hear there are more to come.

Last night’s daily dinner special at Harry’s.

This week Harry’s Pizzeria rings the dinner bell, rolling out a new section on its menu featuring daily dinner specials that highlight a new protein each night. Flawlessly executed by chef de cuisine Manny Sulbaran, these family-style portions include Monday’s Wood Oven Roasted 1/2 Poulet Rouge with salsa verde and fennel slaw and tonight’s Braised Short Ribs with peperonata sauce and orzo salad.  We even have new menus, from placemat to folded, to accommodate the new section!  I’ll be taking pictures and posting them each night at preshift on Harry’s website, so keep your eyes peeled and stop by with some friends to share them!

Later this week we’ll tackle drinks, including our homemade sodas as investigated by our Bread & Butter contributor Emily Codik, and from moi, new spirits beverage director Ryan Goodspeed has added to bulk up MGFD’s already bourbon-friendly bar.  Cheers!

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