Sparkling Fresh Flavor: MGFD Homemade Sodas include Cola, Lychee & More

MGFD homemade sodas, left to right: Blueberry-Tarragon, Ginger-Lemongrass, Cola

It frightens me to walk through the soda aisle at the supermarket. I avoid that section at all costs, hoping to dodge my nightmares of swimming in thousands of pounds of processed high fructose corn syrup and cloyingly sweet canned beverages. I really don’t like overwhelmingly sweet, sticky sodas, and I don’t drink store bought ones at all.

But if you spot me at MGFD or at Harry’s Pizzeria, you’ll probably catch me drinking soda.  Homemade soda.  Flavors like local lychee and vanilla-allspice are always complemented with blissful thoughts of sunshine, summertime and sparkling fresh flavor. They are the bright, natural flavors that have made me a true fan of soda again.

I have always been curious to know exactly what goes on in the MGFD kitchen that makes these sodas just so good. I pictured a top secret soda prep room in the back of the kitchen, full of test tubes and white lab coats, where only the pastry and beverage department team members were ever allowed. How else could such a refreshing soda be prepared, right? Well, I put aside my imagination for a couple of minutes and sat down with Beverage Manager Ryan Goodspeed, at what’s becoming my usual spot at the bar, and investigated just how they make their sodas so irresistible.