Pop Goes Bradley! Let’s Toast Our Eater Young Gun with Dr. Loosen While Perusing His Riesling Pizzeria Menu


When there is occasion worth toasting, try Dr. Loosen, Riesling Sekt, Germany NV instead of champagne.

A standout value in the sparkling category on our wine list at MGFD, it’s what we’re whipping out on July 17 to toast guest chef Bradley Herron’s recognition as a 2012 Eater Young Gun, as one of the pairings for his passed snacks at Riesling Pizzeria.

Our man of the hour, here on Saturday serving wild board sausage, snakehead fish crudo, and charcoal grilled python with snake bone sauce at Fertile Earth’s UnderGROUND Miami invasive species event.

With a nose of fresh cut green apple and elderflower, this Sekt (or sparkling) comes from the world-renowned Loosen wine estate in Germany on the steep, slate-soil vineyards of the Mosel region. The resulting wine offers a beautifully weighted, delicate palate with a juicy touch of sweetness left to balance its naturally brisk acidity.  Drink it alone as a celebratory aperitif, or with us at the start of a great evening.  Bradley’s full menu is now available below, complete with a Riesling vinegar he’s been aging for several weeks to our delight.  Get your tickets here while they last!

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