Coffee Talk: RoosRoast in Miami

Lovin the lobsta at MGFD.

At a back corner banquette during a packed Friday lunch, while the Harry’s pizza oven chefs waded through the weeds; two old friends, chefs, and coffee connoisseurs caught up on a haphazard history of restaurants and road trips, while I learned that the man behind RoosRoast Coffee is as passionate about coffee as he is about pizza, meatballs, and his wardrobe choice (bleach stained from cleaning the shop.)

(Left to right) Eric, me, Jackie and the bossman aka the TGHG welcome wagon yesterday at Harry’s Pizzeria, playing dress-up, RoosStyle.

A few minutes before, Michael Schwartz had picked up his friend John Roos, wife Kath, and their 2-year old son Jozo, from Miami International Airport, after landing from 100°F Ann Arbor, Michigan. The first stop, of course, was Harry’s Pizzeria. Roos is in town for a coffee training at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, which serves his ”Lobster Butter Love” roast as its exclusive drip.  Two years ago, when MGFD began carrying RoosRoast, Jackie interviewed John here, and today while “mmm”ing over the meatballs, polenta fries, orange & radish salad, and  slow roasted pork and rock shrimp pizzas (on the rock shrimp, “Dude, that’s an award-winning pizza,”) John filled me in on what’s new at RoosRoast.  And what’s never going to change.

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