A Closer Look at Harry’s Pizzeria Daily Dinner Specials with Chef de Cuisine Manny Sulbaran

Tuesday’s Daily Dinner Special: Braised short ribs, peperonata sauce & orzo salad

It was early on a Tuesday night at Harry’s Pizzeria, and chef de cuisine Manny Sulbaran and I were sharing a two-seater outside, the atmosphere alive, buzzing with hungry customers. Ruby glasses rested atop our otherwise sparsely adorned wooden table, as Manny swirled a few ice cubes in his.

“What’s the inspiration behind these new specials, Manny?” I asked, referring to the daily dinner specials section that was added to the menu last month.

 “They offer more than just variety to round out the menu,” he admitted. “It’s about bringing a bigger part of myself into Harry’s. We also wanted to offer something special for guests who may not want to eat pizza, especially those who visit us everyday. Sometimes they want something a little different.”

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