Bizarre Foods America’s Andrew Zimmern on Miami, Good Taste Buds & What He’s Cooking Us for Dinner at His Place

Say Ahhhh: Wreckfish, with its deep-throated set of teeth, is our bizarre food on display in tonight’s episode.

If you had trouble erasing this image from your mind courtesy Tony Bourdain‘s visit to our magical city last year, you’re not alone. But we can count on Andrew Zimmern to replace it tonight as Bizarre Foods America’s Miami episode premieres on the Travel Channel at 9|8c featuring among other oddities, a wreckfish butchered and skilleted with finesse by our very own chef de cuisine Bradley Herron. We’re all revved up to tune in and reached the two-time James Beard Award-winning host (chef, food writer, teacher, husband and father) on Friday as he took a break from shooting to answer a few prefatory questions to make sure you are, too.

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