As You Like It: In(stagram) Filters We Trust

What’s in the walk-in today? Line cook Craig Simon and some Peter’s Points freshly FedExed from Island Creek Oyster, which get their flavor from the beautiful jade-colored algae that decorates their shells.

You may have noticed Tweets from The Genuine Hospitality Group handles look a little different lately.  With everyone on the team now iPhoning (yes, I’m a late bloomer…….) and being the imaging freaks that we are, it was time to step up our game with the photos we share.  So over the past few weeks, @mgfd_mia, @harryspizzeria, and @chefmschwartz  have signed up for Instagram accounts.   Even BlackBerry-shackled summer intern @vcalleja has found a way with her iTouch!  We all have certain filters we tend to favor.  @elliesara loves the sharp bluish overtone  of Amaro and ominous gray of Brannan. For me, the sepia scrim of Rise, marbled pastels of Walden, and ultraviolet intensity of 1977 fit the bill.

Braised pig foot with sticky, smokey chickpea, roasted heirloom tomato, and chorizo stew.

The response has been overwhelming to what we’re putting out there, so thank you for eating it all up.  It was especially fun last night to linger after pre-shift at the bar and enjoy some of the specials only to have a couple of folks who had just then seen my pictures come in to try the new dishes! 3thahardway, we promise to keep the genuine material posting if only for your likes!

Are you on Instagram yet? If not, we hope you get with the program, too.

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