[UPDATED] [VIDEO] You Are What You Drink: Introducing Michael’s Genuine Home Brew!

Update: Watch Michael and Jason discuss Michael’s Genuine Home Brew and more in this morning’s Google+ hangout with Miami.com, now archived on YouTube, with Miami.com editor Fred Gonzalez and cocktail and drinks reporter Galena Mosovich moderating the session (HA!) above.

As you may have seen in today’s Miami.com story forthcoming in Tropical Life, Michael will be putting his fresh, simple, and pure philosophy into a bottle and on-tap for the first time later this week with Michael’s Genuine Home Brew, a new classic American Ale! Light bodied with a citrusy sweetness, hint of floral hops and a dry finish, Home Brew is craft-brewed in Gadsden, Alabama by Back Forty Beer Company with Sem-Chi rice and cane sugar, marking the first time Florida-grown ingredients have been used for the grain bill of a beer.  We can’t wait to toast over one from the first commercial batch when it arrives later this week!  Michael summed up the sentiment pretty darn well. “It’s no surprise that we love beer. We love drinking it and our food at Genuine and Harry’s loves it.  I guess you could say we had the label all along.”

Michael found the right partner in Back Forty.  He and owner Jason Wilson share a common approach to how they run their businesses, and it was no surprise when the team at the brewery, with brewmaster Jamie Ray leading the science of the recipe development, nailed exactly what Michael was looking for.  Home Brew is crisp and has a clean finish making it a perfect match for almost any food. It drinks great alone too, packing a little more flavor and a better nose than a lager or pilsner.

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