What’s Brewing in the Kitchen: Beer-Simmered Bratwurst & Beer Mustard

House made bratwurst ready for a swim in a pot of simmering beer broth (photo by Bradley Herron)

Chef de cuisine Bradley Herron has been busy cooking up a beer-soaked menu of snacks for a night of brews, food and film at O, Cinema on August 14 with Back Forty Beer Company. The occasion is a momentous one of course, as Michael’s Genuine Home Brew is introduced, and thus calls for its equal in food.  For Brad, this meant bratwurst, a house made sausage of pork, veal, garlic and onion.

Bratwurst dates back to before the fourteenth century, most likely originating in Thuringia in Germany. These days at MGFD though,  Brad is having fun cooking up the sausage in his favorite way. Or, as he explains it, “Cooking bratwurst in beer is just awesome”. The bratwursts are cooked in a large pot of broth with onions, beer, salt, bay leaves and thyme.

But bratwurst is always best with the cut of mustard to get through that savory, unctuous meat in tube form.  Brad’s brand of mustard, which we familiarized ourselves with best next to meat in tube form at Cochon 555 competition in Miami, is killer already but this time he’s adding beer, too.  Gilding the proverbial lily in the most pedestrian of ways.  For now its Pabst, a natural from the restaurant’s beverage inventory.  Later, perhaps Home Brew.  Mustard could easily be  made solely with stoneground mustard seeds and water. However, the liquid element can vary, with either wine, grape must or beer. At MGFD, the house made mustard is prepared with a mixture of mustard seeds, mustard powder, vinegar, sugar and beer.

So, take a bite of that beer-simmered bratwurst, with a hint of the beer mustard, and wash it all down with — you guessed it — your favorite beer.  If you’re at next week’s event, it will be from Back Forty’s portfolio, which now includes Home Brew.

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