Flying Blind for National Bourbon Heritage Month

Michael’s Old Pal, a barrel-aged cocktail that stole the bourbon show this summer.

Happy almost National Bourbon Heritage Month, friends and comrades!  Yes, you read correctly.  We’re celebrating September with a special weekly flight series of America’s spirit curated by our good buddy Steve Berry, Blind Tastes Speakeasy host, trusted Bourbon advisor and honorary member of team genuine to whom we come often to compare notes.   Collaborating with Michael and Beverage Director Ryan Goodspeed, Steve has pulled together a great line up at the MGFD Miami bar in the coming month to wet the whistle of both novice and expert — even the yet-to-be-initiated — on the Whiskey that is at least 51% fermented corn. Your crash course on Bourbon begins now.  Follow along each Monday for Steve’s guest posts here on The Genuine Kitchen, and see below for a preview of the flights in store.  Cheers!

“The Gateway Bourbons” – Your introduction to bourbon whiskey
Maker’s Mark – 90 proof
Basil Hayden – 80 proof
Knob Creek – 100 proof

“Wheaters” – Wheat recipe bourbons, smooth and flavorful
Maker’s Mark – 90 proof
Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr – 90 proof
Old Weller Antique – 107 proof

“Rye Progression” – Rye recipe bourbons from low to high rye content
Buffalo Trace – 90 proof – 8% rye mash
Elmer T. Lee – 90 proof – 15% rye mash
Redemption High Rye Bourbon – 92 proof – 38.2% rye mash

“One in the Chamber” – Single Barrel Bourbons
Willett Single Barrel – 94 proof
Four Roses Single Barrel – 100 proof
Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon

3 thoughts on “Flying Blind for National Bourbon Heritage Month

  1. What a great article. I look forward to now celebrating “National Bourbon Heritage Month”.
    Great choices of spirits and well defined.

    Kudo’s to Michaels Genuine!!!!!

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