Tune-Up Time: Visit Harry’s Pizzeria During MGFD’s Kitchen Renovation Closure Sept 17-23

The ol’ engine is getting a tune up.

For the first time in five years of turning tables at the Schwartz flagship, we’re taking a short break from Monday September 17- Sunday September 23 to renovate our kitchen and mezzanine office at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink Miami! Praised be the restaurant deities!

Don’t worry. It’s just some much needed concrete and tile work, and while we’re closed getting everything in tip top shape for season, take a stroll two blocks west and enjoy Michael’s fresh simple & pure food at Harry’s Pizzeria.

Visit our sister restaurant on the web for the juicy details at the following links:

daily dinner specials (Porchetta, an MGFD favorite is coming to Thursdays at Harry’s beginning this week!)