#BourbonHeritage Part II: Take Flight(s)!

Steve Berry is a native New Englander now living in Coconut Grove for the length of time that qualifies him as a Miami local. Find him online on Twitter @SteveBM, at Blind Tastes where he blogs on bourbon and the dining group Cobaya which he co-founded, and of course, at the @MGFD_MIA bar. Follow along as we explore America’s spirit in September at #BourbonHeritage.

Ok, so last week we covered your bourbon basics and made mention of some bourbon tasting flights I’ve selected for National #BourbonHeritage Month.  This week, we’ll examine each flight in detail.

The Gateway Bourbons – Your introduction to bourbon whiskey.  Coincidentally, the bourbons in this flight are all produced by Jim Beam.
Maker’s Mark – 90 proof – This one is the ultimate gateway bourbon.  Easily recognizable for its red wax seal, this wheat recipe bourbon can be found on nearly every shelf.  Oak and slight fruit & citrus on the nose; sweet entry with dried fruit, vanilla, and toffee; smooth caramel finish with hints of oak.
Basil Hayden – 80 proof – For the Scotch or Canadian Whiskey drinker looking to get into bourbon.  The high rye recipe here brings notes of wood, grain, and fresh flowers on the nose; dry entry with floral notes; spicy dry finish
Knob Creek – 100 proof – Another widely distributed bourbon that packs a punch at 100 proof.  Nutty, oak-y nose; nice viscosity on entry with notes of wood and dried fruit; finish is a nice balance of sweetness and spice with a nice alcohol burn.