Harry’s Pizzeria Hearts Empire State South Tonight

These two definitely have it.

If not much else matters to you than having a little heart, like it does for us, we hope your name is on tonight’s attendee list for Harry’s September pop up with two chefs who wear it on their tees.  Chefs Hugh Acheson and Ryan Smith bring the heart of the south to Miami’s Design District tonight at 7:00 p.m. when our pizzeria becomes Midtown Atlanta’s Empire State South, Acheson’s celebrated restaurant where the two “constantly tinker with their expansive vision of Southern food.”  While you won’t be taking home leftovers in one of their tiffins, you will have a copy of the James Beard Award winner’s James Beard Award-winning cookbook, A New Turn in the South, to do some Lowcountry tinkering of your own.  Click the menu below for the lowdown and see you later.

3 thoughts on “Harry’s Pizzeria Hearts Empire State South Tonight

  1. So excited to hear about this collaboration! I lived in midtown Miami & frequented Michael’s often & got to try the pizza when I was helping put on Dali Miami. Now that I live in Atlanta I frequent Empire State South & have a signed copy of Hugh’s book! I think you guys should do this in Atlanta next!!

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