Genuine Charcuterie, a Meaty Primer from the Rock

Thomas and his Biltong, a south African jerky that is even better “wet,” or not taken full term.

We have some seriously meaty situations going on in the Genuine kitchens right now, and all the chefs have their hands in somehow.  From MGFD Miami’s chef de cuisine Bradley Herron’s fruitful aftermath of a class he took with chef Danny at Harry’s Pizzeria (who gets their own action through pop-up chef leftovers,) down to MGFD Grand Cayman, where chef Thomas Tennant has already cured one and is onto his second leg of prosciutto.  That’s where we focus today,  curious about the salty, sometimes spicy details of how our island-ensconced chef  cures these meats into my favorite snacks, from biltong to ‘nduja.  I sat down with chef Thomas to learn about water loss, humidity and other meat-curing technicalities that make the finished products so delicious.

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