[UPDATE] Your Good Fortune, Our Baking Out Loud Cookbook Giveaway!

Update: Ding ding ding. We have a winner!  Or rather, two.  The lucky owners of an advance copy of Baking Out Loud are husband and wife team Rona and David Sprintis for their creative submission including addition of colorful holiday sparkle and seeds.  The couple may be social media challenged but that’s perfectly cool with us.  As usual they have excelled in timeliness, enthusiasm and execution.  We have seen this movie before, right Michael?? 
Come one, come all!  It’s time for some audience participation in the Hedy Goldsmith show!  That’s right. Baking Out Loud: Fun Desserts with Big Flavors will be released in one short week tomorrow (!!!), and we are giving away one advance copy to one lucky baker here on The Genuine Kitchen!  The rules of our of our little bake-the-book contest this week are simple. By 12 noon on Friday, September 28, upload a photo of your winning recreation of Hedy’s Giant Sesame Fortune Cookies to Twitter and don’t forget to tag @MGFD_MIA and #BakingOutLoud.  Extra credit will be given to clever fortunes and those who use Instagram  to share it.  We will announce the winner immediately that afternoon!  You don’t have to be in Miami to participate, but if you are, you will get your book sooner :)  GOOD LUCK and get going.  Your recipe is here.