Farmer Update: Seeding for a Swanky Growing Season

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It’s a great day when the first product and price list for the coming growing season arrives in our inbox.  This week, Loxahatchee Groves’ SWANK Specialty Produce heralded the start of many more great days ahead, and we got a little tingle knowing we no longer have to endure the constant 140 character teasing from farmers markets and seasonal food feasts up north (yes, you @menwhodine) and feel left out of the party.  What MGFD Miami chef de cuisine Bradley Herron is most excited about may not impress most of you and may at first glance seem mundane, but sorry, they are simple yet special commodities down here when able to be sourced locally.  “Vegetables!!!!”, Brad blew up my email yesterday. “From SWANK, mostly lettuces. Maybe a few veggies like cucumber, beets, fennel. I’m thinking probably lots of fermented things, so local cabbage for kraut and eppers for Harissa paste, hot sauce, fermented chili paste.”  Now we’re talking.  We checked in with owner Jodi Swank to see what her outlook is for the season from the supply side and snagged some shots from seeding a couple weeks ago.

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