What We’re Drinking & Eating for Oktoberfest, Plus an Update from Home Brew Land!

Let’s all turn into pumpkins at midnight.

fermentor. filter. bright tank. sight glass.

rice. grain. spent. fermentation.

Happy Oktoberfest from all of us at Team Genuine.  It’s that special time of year when South Florida’s air begins to dry out a bit (with the exception of today!) — a dip in the barometer only a native can discern.  It’s a signal of the winter to come and, with it, our local growing season and menus that express and explore the bounty of tomatoes, zucchini blossoms, and more from area farms.  And it’s getting busy as a fizzy keg of Home Brew!  Here’s our hit list for October, including what we’re all drinking and eating this Oktoberfest, and where you can find Home Brew across town as our second commercial batch hits South Florida this week!

HOME BREW 2.0  Our second commercial batch drops at Brown Distributing tomorrow!!! (#BOOM!), which means you’ll be able to find it in more places around town than ever before (our “coming soon” list is updated here!) over the next couple of weeks.  We’re also working on a bottle conditioning program in which a portion of each batch is held for limited release. This means an exact amount of yeast is added by hand to each bottle before it is laid to rest for a period of about 2 months, at which point we feel it is best enjoyed cold and with friends.  More on that in the months to come, including the labels we’re working on for this limited release.  See above for in-process shots of the current batch hitting, courtesy of Tripp Collins at Back Forty Beer Company of our baby incubating!

EVENTS  October is jam packed with events so we’ve updated our catchall page!  Among the highlights, we’ll be traveling to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver to compete and share our wares with our partners at Back Forty Beer Company on October 11-13, as well as popping up a tent at Miami’s own beer celebration, Grovetoberfest.  Our contribution to the line up of over 200 beers?  Freckle Belly IPA, Naked Pig Pale Ale, Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale, Kudzu Porter, Home Brew, and also Crispy Beer Braised Pork Belly with Caraway Citrus Salad from MGFD Miami chef de cuisine Bradley Herron who will be holding court in the culinary tent at 4:30 p.m.

DRINKYPOO TIME!  Throughout October you will find more new seasonal brews at Harry’s Pizzeria, like Shipyard Pumpkin Ale which just went on the bottle list there.  4 different cases of beer were ordered and will roll out consecutively, including Magic Hat Hex, Dogfish Head Punkin and Terrapin Pumpkin. Choice of next beer is manager’s choice!  Same goes for MGFD, with the exception of Terrapin.  What else do we want to drink?  I asked a few staffers and our brewers at Back Forty, and here are the responses (a wish list for our restaurants to carry, I hope?!)  Also, what we want to eat with them…

Charles Bell, director of operations (who just returned from Germany!):  Kolsch (Cologne beer) Berliner Weisse, Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, and Brooklyn Oktoberfest

Michael Schwartz, chef/owner:  Craftsman Brewing from Pasadena had a Belgian style ale brewed with sage. Was drinking really good with the grille lamb and pork belly sausage from Paul Kahan’s quality meats at LA Loves Alex’s Lemonade this weekend!

Jason Wilson, owner Back Forty Beer Company:  Baldwin Abbey by Craftsman… Moon River Brewery makes a rosemary IPA that’s awesome. It won a Gold at the GABF.

Tripp Collins, director of operations Back Forty Beer Company:  Shipyard pumkinhead. Can pair with anything sweet. Cinnamon, spice everything nice.

Ryan Goodspeed, beverage director:  Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale – Anything but chicken. Just kidding… Pork Porterhouse.

Ellie Groden, assistant to Chef:  Orange Blossom Pilsner made w FL honey, brewed in SC. Want it w shrimp and grits for brunch and one of the Oktoberfest baguette-style preztels that’s as big as my face. Thank you! 

Eric Larkee, wine director:  Kicking it old school with anything Bavarian.  I’m eating my mom’s Wisconsin Bratwurst, beer boiled, and find someone to grill it.  Maybe chef Bradley. Spicy mustard!!!

Sara Gaylord, brand intern:  Drink: UFO Harpoon White or Tequesta Brewing’s Chancellor with…  Nosh: clams with andouille sausage

Me: Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo Brown Sour with one of Hedy’s Philly soft pretzels and Bradley’s nose fire beer mustard

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