Cookies Candies & Confections Up Close & Personal

The lucky 13.

Sara Allyce Gaylord is our new fall intern, coming to us from University of Miami where she is a law student simultaneously pursuing a Masters in Communications.  She’s a native Floridian and loves food and beer as much as we do.  Which is a lot.  Follow her on Twitter @sarallyce, and her contributions to the blog here.

After watching Hedy on the Today show yesterday, we know you are just dying to get your hands on Baking Out Loud: Fun Desserts with Big Flavors and to get to work recreating her magic in your home kitchen. If you can’t decide which recipe to try first, let us help.

To celebrate Hedy’s sweet success,  Candies, Cookies & Confections comes with an extra “C” beginning this week… a cookbook, at a great price!  This party on a wooden board has been on the MGFD dessert menu forever but it never gets old thanks to constant reinvention.  With 13 rotating pieces of sweet, salty deliciousness, it’s always a favorite for celebrations and often exits the pastry station lit up like a Broadway marquee, sparklers and all.  Enjoy the bundle for $39.50, or purchase Baking Out Loud alone for $27.50, available at MGFD, Harry’s Pizzeria, and other retailers.  What’s in the quadruple C today?  Peruse this slideshow to get up close and personal with each treat, some of which are in the cookbook.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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