New Cocktails Bring Out the Gremlin in Us (As If We Needed Help)

Poof go the Mojito and Caiprinha, as two mischevious new cocktails come knocking at the MGFD Miami door  just in time for All Hallows’ Eve.

One part Steven Spielberg’s 1984 critter horror flick, two parts Old English folklore and three parts inside office joke, we first present you The Gremlin ($11.)   Beverage Director Ryan Goodspeed is extending our support of all things distilled and American at the bar by going beyond brown to bring on product like Spring 44 Honey Vodka, a 5x, made-in-Colorado clear spirit born from a proprietary blend of American-grown grain and a unique virgin coconut carbon filtration that produces remarkable clarity and smoothness.  Spring44 products are blended with 100% Rocky Mountain Artesian Spring Water, but don’t tell The Gremlin that or you may end up with a few more in front of you at the bar.  Goodspeed mixes it with Velvet Falernum (pronounced fah-learn-um) a sweet, in our case alcoholic, syrup that owes its name to the renowned ancient Roman wine falernian, known as falernum in Latin. You typically find it in Caribbean and tropical drinks, used in cocktails in a manner similar to orgeat syrup or even just on the rocks… The Gremlin gets its notes of almond, ginger, vanilla and allspice from the Falernum, which are balanced perfectly with lemon, some thinned out molasses for gravitas, pink peppercorn for floral levity, and the secret main ingredient bringing this beauty together: muddled banana.  Once strained, it’s crowned with some freshly skewered banana slices…  Do not be afraid folks.  This is easy drinking stuff of magic.  A new favorite. Drink after midnight at your own risk.

El Diablo ($12) is just that.  Made with 100% Jamaican black gold aka Blackwell Rum from Mega-mogul Chris Blackwell, founder of the Island Records that propelled Bob Marley to superstardom, this devil in a deep red dress adds Ruby Port, the buzz of Ristretto liqueurLemon Verbena syrup from sprigs picked from Goodspeed’s own garden, and a handful of raspberries muddled till bloody. Add ice, shake and double strain over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with skewered raspberry.

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