[UPDATED] Falling for The Federal’s Sunday Beer Brunch Menu at Harry’s Pizzeria

Update: Check out el menu de Cesar in all its glory here! GREAT new beer for me, Due South’s Caramel Cream Ale, either by itself or paired with his pizza or French Toast, is also available for viewing here. But you can only get a taste in house, so come on over!

In New York, there’s no mistaking it’s fall. Patches of orange abound, spilling out onto the tree-lined sidewalks of Village streets. The leaves are changing. I carved a happy pumpkin yesterday. You know, the usual signs.

Sometimes in Miami we need a little reminder to know that the season of ghosts, candy corn and turkey is really here.  Well, you’ll have it this Sunday thanks to chef Cesar Zapata and partner Aniece Meinhold, who will bring fall to Harry’s big time when we host The Federal Food Drink & Provisions for our monthly brunch series celebrating local beer and local chefs who love it.  These two have been supporting Home Brew on tap from the start at The Fed. We’re thankful and excited about that and what better way to show the love than make them cook yummy brunch food for us, matched with their favorite Florida brews?  The menu is hot off the presses below! We can’t wait to try that Due South Caramel Cream Ale and toast the season drinking like a local.  In fact, Michael and I are doing just that at noon today up north with Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver, so visit the Twitter to join us!

The Federal Food Drink & Provisions Beer Brunch at Harry’s
Sunday, October, 28
Chef Cesar Zapata presiding

Biscuits   spicy honey glaze $6
French Toast  pumpkin butter, ginger snap crumble, cranberries, and spiced maple syrup $9
Crispy Pig Ears  duck egg, creamy cheesy grits $13
Apples & Cream Pizza   ricotta, apples, biscuit crumbs, oats $14
Rock Shrimp Po’ Boy   crispy rock shrimp, piccalilli remoulade, L&T on a brioche bun $10
Short Rib Egg Casserole $14

Caramel Cream Ale by Due South Brewing
And selections from our Florida line-up of the moment at Harry’s!

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