Let’s Play What’s in the Walk-in: Salmon Collars & Home Brew Ice Cream!

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One lap during the lunch hour today yielded all sorts of fun intel on ingredients and the ever changing genuine menu at HQ, so here goes a late-in-the-day post just in time to make your last minute dinner plans with us.  See the slideshow above for some fun things going on the menu for tonight’s service. Brad is smoking a salmon for the Housemade Everything Bagel at brunch on Sunday, so there are two collars and tartare in store tonight!  Another highlight of my day, maybe week, is that pastry sous Amy (now on Twitter as @amypastrycakes) tasted me on her new Michael’s Genuine Home Brew ice cream, which will soon be on the dessert menu as a sundae. Revelatory sweet stuff goin’ on in these parts!