Beer Bonding: Pubbelly’s Sunday Brunch Menu at Harry’s Pizzeria

We are super excited to host Pubbelly this Sunday 11/18 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for our November Beer Brunch supporting the Drink Like a Local movement –especially now that we have seen chef/partner Jose Mendin’s menu! Since opening their flagship’s doors in fall of 2010, the intrepid trio of partners including Andreas Schreiner and chef Sergio Navarro have decidedly raised the bar in South Beach dining and struck a chord with our ever-demanding local dining community with their bold, New American take on the traditional Japanese Izakaya. And demand they have answered, with Pubbelly spawning three more neighboring spots where food and drink go hand-in-hand with different cuisines (Pubbelly Sushi, Barceloneta & Macchialina,) and a fourth just announced for 2013. The more, the merrier as far as we are concerned, and we will happily jump the causeway to join their party any day. Sunday is about the original that started it all, where appropriately beer is part of its DNA.

“Beer is essential to Pubbelly’s concept. We are first and foremost a gastropub and beer is our spirit of choice,” partner Andreas Schreiner explained this morning via email. “With a rotating list of over 20 craft beers from all over the world we love to turn people on to new and specials brews to accompany the great cuisine. Florida is starting to brew some awsome craft beers and with the great weather we have it’s perfect to enjoy crisp lagers such as those from Native brewery and Ales with character. The PB pizza will pair great with our michelada and the bacon confit is going to pair awsome with Michael’s Home Brew.”

Please find the menu below, the biggest and most complex brunch section yet at Harry’s. Andreas’ Florida beer choice for the service is Native Lager, which will be on tap, and he will be mixing up their Michelada using Home Brew, too. We all look forward to seeing you on Sunday! Kanpai!

Foie & Nutella
foie gras mousse, housemade nutella toast 10

Silver Salmon Rilletes
creme fraiche, american caviar, warm baguette 12

Blue Crab Bread Pudding
spinach, brioche, old bay, hollandaise 13

PB Meatballs
porkbelly, lemongrass, sommen noodles, fish sauce vinaigrette 8

Housemade Bacon “Confit”
poached egg, home fries, bourbon maple jus 15

PB Pizza
fall mushrooms, truffled ricotta, short rib, housemade lardo, poached egg 14
Add fresh Oregon black truffles 12

French Toast Sticks
dipping sauces 7

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