‘Tis the Season on Oasis of the Seas: White Oak Pastures, Swank, Borek, & Sem-Chi Setting Sail in New Menus


Heirloom’s fourth course, pan roasted Poulet Rouge breast (check out that crispy skin!) with leg meat ragout, truffle, gnocchi, and Brussels sprouts leaves.

Saturday, December 15 Michael’s new winter menus set sail on the Oasis of the Seas for the next three or so months at 150 Central Park! After a year of sourcing locally from small, heritage producers for the ship, and now that we’ve come into our growing season again down here, this new set of menus is the most chock-full of great product yet, with five of our favorite producers represented. We have another showing for Poulet Rouge from Ron Joyce in North Carolina, beautiful grass fed beef from White Oak Pastures in Georgia, Loxahatchee’s Swank Specialty Produce greens, onion sprouts, and baby vegetables like carrots and eggplant, Borek Farms heirloom tomatoes (finally in season!) from Homestead, and newcomer Sem-Chi brown rice care of Bee Heaven Farms’ Margie Pikarsky and grown by Florida Crystals in Belle Glade, Palm Beach County, an ingredient used in Michael’s Genuine Home Brew and also as a nutty base for Pan Roasted Scallop with butternut squash, brown butter, and Swank Farms Watercress. Consider us the tumbleweed of the seas, collecting farmers as we roll out new menus! Chef and Eric, aka the Royal Pairing, are on implementation duty in a couple of weeks sailing the eastern route, and I have my fingers crossed someone will hook me up with some pictures of all the dishes below or at least some fun shiplife stories from the casino (hint, hint gentlemen!)

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