Beyond Breakfast Pizza at Harry’s New Weekly Sunday Brunch, Beginning January 6!

NEW FINAL Brunch MenuHarry's Check Presenter Design-1.1IMG_1235Don’t worry, we got plenty of Lake Meadow Naturals farm eggs to go around, but when Harry’s first regular Sunday Brunch service begins at 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on January 6, its printed menu will feature a section of six new dishes that are anything but inside the pizza box.  Breakfast Pizzas will change weekly, written on the specials chalkboard, for those of us who love a little egg schmear on the pie.  Don’t know who doesn’t!

“Sundays are a time for sharing with family and friends, so the brunch menu is about having a little more fun and adding some different things for people to try,” says Harry’s Pizzeria chef de cuisine Manny Sulbaran.  “I was also inspired by some of the things I liked to eat when I was young in Venezuela, like rice and beans, and Golfeados — or sticky buns.  At Harry’s we’ll use piloncillo, the hard, first sugar from the sugarcane, to make the glaze, and will top them with fresh cheese. A little sweet and savory.”

Beer Brunches celebrating the Drink Like a Local initiative got the ball rolling for the new weekly service in September, with local chefs cooking brunch at Harry’s one Sunday a month, served with their favorite Florida beers.  Now we can’t wait to try all of Manny’s creations and toast with a Michael’s Genuine Home Brew (and maybe even more beverages Eric & Ryan?!)  See you a week from this Sunday!

A Gift Exchange for the Memory Bank


A gift exchange of the symbolic kind.

Sometimes the best presents don’t come wrapped with big red bow on top.  We like those, too, of course, but as we continue to highlight the highs of 2012, the gift of collaboration comes to mind.   Made possible with Michael’s support and encouragement, Chef Pop-Ups at Harry’s Pizzeria and Stagiaire Supper at chef de cuisine Bradley Herron’s house are two initiatives begun in 2012 that spark personal growth in our cooks and ignite a fireplace full of fun to warm the hearts and fill the bellies of our customers.

This past weekend, our first Stagiaire Supper participant, Steve Martin, embarked on a very meaningful journey to Cleveland where he worked in the Greenhouse Tavern kitchen of Jonathon Sawyer, a Food & Wine magazine Best New Chef 2010 and 2012 Harry’s Pizzeria pop-up guest. I spoke with him last week about his experience:

When Sawyer introduced me, it made me so proud to work for Michael.  So we’re at the pre-service meeting and he’s spinning this buck knife talking to the staff and pacing back and forth.  He explained how Michael brought real food to Miami, and how he, previously being from Miami, never got to experience real, true food like they have up north. And when he finally got to eat at Michael’s restaurant he was so delighted… It was not only the best food he’s had in Florida but in the South as a whole. And then he said “this is one of his chefs and I want you guys to give him a nice welcome and take care of him and I hear he’s a hard working guy.”  He had power in the place.  People respected him.  They just listened to the man and nobody said a thing… Then we went downstairs and kicked ass.  Some of the best cooks I have ever seen or worked with are in that kitchen.  They are so passionate and made me want to come back home to bring some of that passion down here… One of the chefs  went out and bought a toaster for the kitchen, just because he thought it would make some things work smoother in the kitchen. The cooks are all formally trained and you can tell that it’s from Sawyer… One time I was given leeks to wash and I plunged them into the water bath and the guys were like no no no, put them gently on the water so the dirt falls to the bottom… It’s little things like that that are so refreshing. To see things done right and enforced… And these are the line cooks!  They know…. I was there for 4 days and in 4 days I learned more than in my last couple jobs… Everybody does everything in the kitchen… The pastry chef is cutting fish. And they are meticulous about everything… They are doing things the right way. There is no half-assing it.

Now that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?  Thank you for supporting our pop-ups and stagiaire series this year… We can’t do it without you.  Stay tuned to our events page on the blog for more genuine fun and learning in the new year!

Follow the Forager: Growing Season Forecast is Bright on South Florida Farms with Chris Padin & His New Farm-to-Kitchen Instagram

photo-10What’s better than having a forager? A forager who uses Instagram!  That’s what we are lucky enough to have, now that Chris Padin has added an account for Farm to Kitchen, his small local product distribution business.  We rely on Chris for amazing eggs, beets, heirloom tomatoes, and more found on his twice-weekly, morning Homestead farm runs and then delivered those same afternoons to our chefs’ doorsteps in the Design District. This turn around is so fast and so fresh, that sometimes product hasn’t been out of the ground more than 5 hours before it shows up on our plates.  As you can see, Chris is off to a prolific start, as is the growing season:

[The crazy weather] actually worked in our favor. The cool nights and hot days speed up the process on a lot of things.  All of the growers are very happy. It seems like it will be a great season. [With the Instagram] I’m trying to let everyone know where all of their product is coming from.

Most of the farms pictured below, and their products, should be familiar to those of you who read the blog and know our menus well, except for maybe one.  You may recall Green Dean Richardson’s snake gourds from back in the day, but it’s been a while since we ordered from him. Chris reconnected with Dean yesterday, and says he is very enthusiastic about his crop this year, and that he is thrilled that we reached out to him. Look for Dean’s mustard greens, mixed basil tops, swiss chard, and mixed radishes to show up on the menu soon.  Who knew Chris such a great eye for photography, too?  It’s going to be a great season!

2012’s Genuine Superlatives: Let’s Begin with Most Popular Post


Grand Cayman chef de cuisine Thomas Tennant cutting fish while chefs April Bloomfield and Peter Cho tend to matters of preserved lemons.

It’s never an exact science how some things have the it factor and others fall flat, but we can tell you that the proof can usually be found in the people.  Ladies & Gentlemen, at this time for both reflection as well as anticipation of the new year ahead, we wish to present you with some of the highlights of our 2012 here on The Genuine Kitchen, and the individuals that came together to make it such a good one. The Genuine Bloomfield dinner held on Saturday, January 14 collided four special examples in a 99.9% planned and .1% winged stellar event: Michael Schwartz, April Bloomfield, Eric Larkee, and a guest named Ottavia Bourdain. The result? Incredible food and a cocktail named the Italian Mule. It all went down right this way…   Ahead for 2013? Bloomfield and Cho return to camp genuine, this time in Miami to cook at Harry’s (tickets live on January 2,) and we welcome a new guest chef into the Grand Cayman kitchen, David Kinch, for Genuine Manresa (Cayman Cookout tickets on-sale now – scroll down to the “Ultimate Dinner Party” section.)

Our New Year’s Eve Plans & Last Minute Holiday Shopping!

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 10.51.56 AMSFD13Banner_FNLWhile I’m looking forward to feasting on my fate this Friday at Eating House, we’re holding out hope that the world will still be here come Saturday morning.  If you are too, please enjoy the following suggestions from camp genuine that will make for a fresh, simple and pure start to 2013.

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami and Grand Cayman, and Harry’s Pizzeria are all open New Year’s Eve, with menus and holiday hours listed below.  In addition,  gift certificates in all denominations are available for purchase at each respective restaurant on-site, as well as online in our new e-shop. You have until Friday, December 21 (USPS Priority Shipping) and Saturday, December 22 (USPS Express Overnight) to place your orders to make Christmas Delivery.

Genuine tees, hats, and Home Brew glassware sets are also available for purchase online, as well as tickets to upcoming events that make great stocking stuffers, including Slow Food Day 2013’s Farm-to-Beach Dinner with Hugh Acheson in the Cayman Islands February 2 (with just a 40 minute flight from Miami International Airport, make a weekend getaway out of it!) and Publican Quality Meats Pizzeria with Paul Kahan, closer to home at Harry’s in the Design District.  Please see below for our holiday hours and New Year’s Eve menus. 2013 here we come!

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