Hello, Basel! What’s Cooking from Team Genuine this Week

Welcome out-of-towners and locals to MiAmi with a capital “A” for art.  It’s our busiest week of the year in Genuine Land, and we are excited this year to have a new addition to the family, the Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink Cafe.

This temporary genuine production is coming together fast and furious in the Design Miami/ tent, as you can see from the signage shots above, and the menu just the same, with chef Maureen Brandt heading up culinary and prepping in the Miami Beach convention center and tons of hard work to make it all happen from the team including Charles Bell, Eric Larkee, Ellie Groden, Jose Perez, Ryan Goodspeed, Hedy Goldsmith, and of course Chef, as well as tons of support from home base and our restaurants holding down the fort.  It is truly all hands on deck!  Follow what’s new at the Cafe daily, including our soup specials, at our handle @MGFD_MIA and hashtag #popcafe, and please check out our hit list below as you plot how to divide and conquer this fun-filled week in Miami:

Cool Beans: Visit our friends at PANTHER! Coming off a whirlwind weekend of competition in Atlanta with baristas Camila and Ryan representing Miami’s coffee community righteously, owner Joel Pollock says their Wynwood shop got a makeover for the week to come, including a coffee brown coat of paint for the building, a new tree, and a shipping container.  You can also find PANTHER Coffee at our Pop Cafe, brewed from a new La Marzocco 2 Group Linea and a Mazzer Electronic Dosing Espresso Grinder.  This fancy rig is headed for The Cypress Room next year!

harrysplogonormalcroppedAnd Panzanella Makes Five: With growing season in full swing, it’s high time for tomatoes and chef de cuisine Manny Sulbaran has added a fifth salad on our printed menu at Harry’s to showcase the harvest.  This juicy, crispy celebration of winter in Miami combines large chunks of ripe and colorful heirloom tomatoes with warm garlic croutons made fresh at Michael’s Genuine for crunch.  Something magical happens when these two simple ingredients are tossed in just enough light and zesty balsamic vinaigrette and topped with chopped fragrant basil and little bit of shaved red onion.  Add a glass of rosé and you have a pretty delightful lunch if you ask me!

Print6e93c3e89f644c3e6fc37c778099f5e1_reasonably_smallShaking Things Up: The Broken Shaker returns to Miami tonight, this time for good and with Michael’s Genuine Home Brew 22 oz. bottles on the list.  We are huge fans of what owners Elad and Gabe of Bar Lab mix-up, so we are excited and honored they like the beer enough to pour it.  Check out this video they made as a prelude to the opening, and stop by for good vibes and good spirits this week. We know we will!

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