2012’s Genuine Superlatives: Let’s Begin with Most Popular Post


Grand Cayman chef de cuisine Thomas Tennant cutting fish while chefs April Bloomfield and Peter Cho tend to matters of preserved lemons.

It’s never an exact science how some things have the it factor and others fall flat, but we can tell you that the proof can usually be found in the people.  Ladies & Gentlemen, at this time for both reflection as well as anticipation of the new year ahead, we wish to present you with some of the highlights of our 2012 here on The Genuine Kitchen, and the individuals that came together to make it such a good one. The Genuine Bloomfield dinner held on Saturday, January 14 collided four special examples in a 99.9% planned and .1% winged stellar event: Michael Schwartz, April Bloomfield, Eric Larkee, and a guest named Ottavia Bourdain. The result? Incredible food and a cocktail named the Italian Mule. It all went down right this way…   Ahead for 2013? Bloomfield and Cho return to camp genuine, this time in Miami to cook at Harry’s (tickets live on January 2,) and we welcome a new guest chef into the Grand Cayman kitchen, David Kinch, for Genuine Manresa (Cayman Cookout tickets on-sale now – scroll down to the “Ultimate Dinner Party” section.)

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