Beyond Breakfast Pizza at Harry’s New Weekly Sunday Brunch, Beginning January 6!

NEW FINAL Brunch MenuHarry's Check Presenter Design-1.1IMG_1235Don’t worry, we got plenty of Lake Meadow Naturals farm eggs to go around, but when Harry’s first regular Sunday Brunch service begins at 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on January 6, its printed menu will feature a section of six new dishes that are anything but inside the pizza box.  Breakfast Pizzas will change weekly, written on the specials chalkboard, for those of us who love a little egg schmear on the pie.  Don’t know who doesn’t!

“Sundays are a time for sharing with family and friends, so the brunch menu is about having a little more fun and adding some different things for people to try,” says Harry’s Pizzeria chef de cuisine Manny Sulbaran.  “I was also inspired by some of the things I liked to eat when I was young in Venezuela, like rice and beans, and Golfeados — or sticky buns.  At Harry’s we’ll use piloncillo, the hard, first sugar from the sugarcane, to make the glaze, and will top them with fresh cheese. A little sweet and savory.”

Beer Brunches celebrating the Drink Like a Local initiative got the ball rolling for the new weekly service in September, with local chefs cooking brunch at Harry’s one Sunday a month, served with their favorite Florida beers.  Now we can’t wait to try all of Manny’s creations and toast with a Michael’s Genuine Home Brew (and maybe even more beverages Eric & Ryan?!)  See you a week from this Sunday!

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