Let the Countdown to Caymadness Begin: Genuine Manresa Preview, Disgorging in the Ocean with Hugh & Oh So Much More

Abracadabra! The sun has set on 2012 (thanks to Ella Schwartz for the beautiful time lapse from this past weekend…)  As you can see, the first of the new year turns our attention to Grand Cayman.  During January and February our home away from home in the Caribbean plays host to myriad culinary events where celebrity chefs and their willing victims come from far and wide to the island for delicious food and a generous helping of antics on the side. None other than the best kind of Caymadness ensues.  Just look at the track record of exquisitely tasty and equally as memorable events.  Dinner at Michael’s Genuine in Camana Bay with Michel Nischan?  A coup, but oh so much more with a flash of bling.  Bloomfield in the house? Why, yes please, and we’ll wash down her Lamb Scottadito with a Disarrono on the rocks.  It’s time to spin the roulette wheel once again, and we can’t wait.  Just another day in paradise, we say…  Be apart of it all, as it all goes down.  Take your pick here:

Eric_MoviaParty Like It’s 2011  Disgorge bottles of bubbly in the ocean? Suuuuure, Larkee’s done it in a bucket, so why the heck not.  We’re bringing back an old favorite Movia 2004 aged on its lees in honor of a new one: Hugh Acheson.  Join us for Slow Food Day’s first Farm-to-Beach event on February 2 and watch Eric work his magic, a festive opener to an even more festive meal on the sand.  Hugh’s family-style menu is a love letter to Grand Cayman’s farmers and their product in season, doled out with care and purpose — a genuine southern brand all his own. Get tickets here and Hugh’s just-finalized menu, here.  And don’t forget to wear your sandals…

header cookout 2013Cali, Cayman-Style with David Kinch  Michael welcomes guest chef David Kinch of Manresa on Central California’s wild coast for a memorable dinner that draws inspiration from his restaurant’s home in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains to bring to life Grand Cayman’s seasonal bounty. So far there is talk of arpege farm eggs, malabar spinach, okra, whelks, purslane, mizuna, passion fruit, and more.  The menu is going to be ready any moment now… We can’t wait.  You shouldn’t either!  Get tickets here for Genuine Manresa and more, as Jose Andres, Sherry Yard, Anthony Bourdain, and more descend on the island for an unforgettable 2013 Cayman Cookout weekend.

IMG_5126Get On Your Brunch Munch  Visitors to Cayman Cookout this year can finally get on their MGFD Sunday brunch munch, just like Ella Schwartz did this past weekend (see delicious chocolate cream-filled donut to the left!)  Launched in November, Sundays at the town center of Camana Bay are more genuinely delicious… and our beloved brunch finally has the waterfront view it deserves! Beginning November, our new all-new a la carte menu is available from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. offering a variety of small plates perfect for sharing and enjoying Sundays as they should be.  Check the menu out here.

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