Berry Nice: Our Menus Get Sweet on Local Strawberry Season!

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 10.46.55 AM

Yea it’s 79°F outside, but we know it’s winter in South Florida… The strawberries are here, and a sweet season is upon us according to forager Chris Padin, who has been making the rounds to all our favorite growers in Homestead from Knaus Berry Farm to Martha’s U-Pick aka Corona Farms.  Hedy Goldsmith and her pastry team agree and have been hard at work whipping up delicious strawberry delights for the dessert menu at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink.  Yesterday, I caught Tiffany Rawson plating the beauty above classic during lunch service: Strawberry Shortcake with heaping spoonfuls of macerated jewels in their syrup, soaking into every crevice of a twist on the traditional cake, a sponge with the lightness of angel food. Today, thanks to Hedy’s love of citrus, its whipped cream center changes to a luxurious layer of tangy lemon curd.  Hopefully the crema quenelle will stay put!

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 11.47.23 AM“This particular season has been reamarkably sweet.  The first crops even… and it usually takes a few deliveries to get berries with this level of sweetness,” Hedy explains. “They are so great on their own, without doing much, but I’m definitely embracing the season.  It trickles down to all areas, from fillings for doughnuts and pop tarts, to ice creams — we were doing a strawberry straciatella ice cream sandwich for brunch.  We’ll probably do a linzer-style cookie….”

Venture over to Harry’s Pizzeria and you can enjoy local strawberries for the first time today in our housemade soda, also coming out of Genuine Pastry Central.  The fresh fruits are cooked into a punch-packed syrup with just enough tang to balance its sweetness and mixed to order for a refreshing winter beverage.  Come by and enjoy the season while it lasts, and stay tuned to our Instagrams (Harry’s Pizzeria and MGFD) for the latest and greatest ways local strawberries can be enjoyed on our menus!

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