Low & Slow in Grand Cayman: Visiting the Farmers Market, Genuine Manresa & More in Pictures


I thought Kent Rankin only raised goats and hogs, but look at these lovely Lila onions from Saturday!

A whirlwind weekend of celebrity chefs visiting from abroad certainly is exciting for the Cayman Islands and a boon for tourism, but the faces I was most excited to see on-island during our stay for Cayman Cookout this past weekend were our farmers’. For the second consecutive year, Slow Food Day will gather a colorful handful of local growers – from native to expat, backyard farm to multi-plot operation – at The Grounds in Lower Valley on Grand Cayman with local chefs to showcase a rainbow of ingredients in season. What I’ve come to realize over my sporadic visits each year is to always expect the unexpected and come ready to learn a thing or two. The island is dynamic to say the least. Farmers are nimble, trying new techniques on the fly, increasing production or diversifying crops to court new customers (like restaurants,) and rebounding from unpredictable tropical weather with patience, determination and humility. Low and slow, and like it should be! With Slow Food Day just two weeks away, I headed down to the weekly farmers market on Saturday morning to check in with Hamlin Stephenson, Carlton West, Avery Eden, and Joel Walton for a few laughs, some cooking tips for allspice leaves and to taste my first freshly-pressed glass of ice cold cane juice. See how it all went down in pictures here. And congratulations to our staff in Grand Cayman for pulling off another great Cayman Cookout dinner (pictures also here!) See you on February 2 with Hugh Acheson and friends!