Got Fire in Your Belly? We’re Now Hiring a Manager for Genuine HQ.

Eric Larkee_Headshot-Cropped

Eric Larkee, wine guy with a fire in his belly.

The Genuine Hospitality Group of James Beard Award-winning Chef Michael Schwartz is growing, and we are looking for a new manager to join  our growing team of culinary and beverage professionals at @MGFD_MIA, our flagship restaurant in Miami’s Design District.  What type of person are we looking for?

  • You’re the type of person that makes restaurant reservations before a booking their hotel when traveling.
  • You not only cook at home, but make sure the knives are sharp.
  • You know how you like your coffee (or tea,) but not in the “I’ll take a double frappe latte, two pumps of chocolate” sort-of-way, but in way that you question if the grind needs to be a little finer because the balance isn’t exactly perfect.
  • Not only can you open a bottle of wine with ease, but you make sure that you cut the foil cleanly, even when you are at a backyard BBQ.
  • You say “Behind!” in the grocery store because you’ve worked as a busser, server, bartender, sommelier, manager, etc. for so long you can’t help but be courteous to fellow shoppers.
  • The number of call-ins you can remember fit on one hand, and most of those were in High School anyway.
  • You smile.
  • On-time means late, early means on-time.
  • You lead by showing and doing…and showing and doing…and showing and doing…
  • Your patience runs so deep you could have been a Middle School Teacher in another life.
  • When you were out to dinner last week you picked something off the floor in a restaurant you didn’t work at, purely out of instinct.
  • You walk into a restaurant and think, “Are the lights right, how’s the music volume, A/C?”
  • You are looking to grow and learn with people in the business that are excited and stoked to work everyday.
  • You know how to operate a smart phone, Micros, Open Table, and Microsoft Office.
  • You know what an IPA tastes like, you can find Chablis on a map, you know what grape Barolo is made from, what shape a Bordeaux glass is, you have a favorite cheese.
  • You want to learn more.
  • You don’t count hours. We work hard but we have fun and we enjoy our jobs.

We need another one of us. If that’s you, email your resume with a cover letter to Director of Operations Charles Bell at

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