On the Prowl for the Perfekt Brew at HQ with Panther Coffee


Panther’s pre-WWII Probat Perfekt Roaster in action.

Last week I sat down with Panther Coffee Manager Camila Ramos at Harry’s over a special pie, some meatballs, and an escarole salad to talk about our recent introduction of Panther Coffee at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami.  And what it’s like to lead the fabulous life of a barista at Wynwood’s — and Miami’s — hottest small batch coffee roaster.

Ellie Sara Groden: Logistically, what exactly did transitioning our program at the mothership entail?

Camila Ramos: Well, with two quality focused companies partnering up and trying to serve the best stuff they’ve got locally, means going through an intense training with the entire staff. We’ve reserved a barista for your busiest shift, which is brunch, so you’ll have a panther coffee barista there. You have a La Mazzer, top of the line, brand new espresso machine, and a Mazer espresso grinder, and you’ll also be showcasing a single-origin (literally meaning, this coffee comes from one specific farm, and goes even further to say that it’s one specific lot on that farm) this will rotate, but currently it’s a Nicaragua Grupo Las Cuchillas.

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