[UPDATED] Happy as a Clam to Announce Harry’s Chef Pop-Up No. 15: Quality Clam Pizzeria with Chef Joey Campanaro

Update: Bill Telepan’s pop rocked! See how deliciously it all went down here at our Flickr set, including his visit to Phillis Wheatley Elementary yesterday before hitting Miami International Airport back to NYC.

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Do you know the story of the little owl and the quality clam? Our April Chef Pop with chef Joey Campanaro brings them together at Harry’s Pizzeria for the first time and you won’t want to miss it. Let me tell you why…

It all began in a tough little town Michael calls home, Philadelphia, where making good, honest food and a good honest living go hand in hand — and we’re not just talking about that sandwich.  Family ties are tight.  A City of Brotherly Love kind of tight.  In the 60s and 70s you probably wouldn’t find little Michael in the kitchen much.  The closest he came to cooking as a kid was cutting up the Stroehmann white bread for stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner!  Things changed when he turned 15 and Dad encouraged him to get a job bussing tables at Dilullo’s. The place was ahead of its time and really swanky, importing expensive, high quality ingredients from northern Italy. You couldn’t help but be inspired with what they were doing there.

Joey’s inspiration also began with Italy and in Philly, but his was closer to home.  Raised in an Italian-American household, the food of his childhood and his Italian grandmother’s kitchen compelled him to make cooking his vocation.  Like Michael’s neighborhood restaurants in Miami, The Little Owl radiates Joey’s passion for good ingredients treated with respect and love, just like the mother country intended.   Any of you who have had the pleasure of dining at this beloved Greenwich Village gem can taste years of love cooked into everything Joey makes.  It is food with an old soul.  And it is the little things, the pleasure in the details of what Joey can do with a space that are remarkable, breathing spirit and quiet grandeur into impossibly small dining rooms so that it not only works, it shines.

With the soon-to-open Quality Clam, the second restaurant in his partnership with chef Mikey Price of Market Table, Joey is poised to do it again, creating a neighborhood staple that simply feels right and creates the crave.  South-facing windows will allow waves of natural light to flood the room and the softness of the mother of pearl creates a comfy, neighborhood jewel box with a focus on the balance between fun, unpretentious service, and the adoration of one of chefs’ favorite ingredients — the clam. And it’s coming to Miami first.

After esteemed visiting guests Gabrielle Hamilton, Jonathan Waxman, Marc Vetri, Jonathon Sawyer, Kevin Sbraga, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, Paul Grieco, Chris Hastings, Hugh Acheson, Andrew Carmellini, Mindy Segal, Paul Kahan, April Bloomfield, and Bill Telepan, Michael invites Joey Campanaro and Mikey Price to take over Harry’s Pizzeria on Tuesday, April 23 at 7:00 p.m.

Click here for tickets which are just now live, and you may just find a pearl!

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