Settling the Score: A Wine List Tribute to the Late Pedro López de Heredia

Pepe Franco

That’s class for you.

In today’s world, influence is everything, and for a winemaker, there is still no other influence stronger nor a greater predictor of sales than a great score from The Wine Advocate.  But what if a ratings system that began benignly, serving as a useful tool for the novice consumer to make informed purchase decisions, ultimately had an adverse effect on the supply side?  Over time, this has been the trend, where producers no longer focus on what makes their wines unique and instead make wines people think they should like, with bottom line top of mind.

Disturbing as that may sound, there is hope and promise in quality over quantity, baby steps vs. knee jerk reactions, long term vs. short term — an approach to which we hold ourselves at The Genuine Hospitality Group — evidenced by the conviction of a small but mighty few, and wine director Eric Larkee does his best to make sure that you try their wines.  He is paying tribute to one such producer this week on the wine list at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, Pedro López de Heredia, who passed away recently.  Continue reading