Summer Time is Intern Time at The Genuine Hospitality Group!

We are currently hiring a summer intern for the TGHG branding team (me + Ms. Ellie Groden, brand manager and chef’s assistant completing her second year of employment with Mr. Schwartz TODAY – Congrats Ellie!!!!)  We have some great leads but always like to make sure to put the call out to the genuine audience!  So here it goes.

We have had a long line of great interns and summer tends to excel in this area (echem, Victoria Calleja) so the bar is high. We look for the best and brightest, and although it’s not in the guts of our job description below, because it goes without saying, the first criteria is always a love of food, and one in which respect for ingredients is the most important. Some might call it #foodcrazy.  We call it fun.  Please join us!

TGHG 2013 Summer Internship Description:

· compile biweekly news and calendar reports we lovingly call the TGHG FLASH
· assist in social media for all TGHG properties including photos, posting and engaging with our online audiences
· research and development
· support and coordinate media relations
· help activate culinary and community events, as well as other brand projects

This is a nicely paid position with yummy perks.  The nature of the job requires the candidate to be mobile, commit to 2 1/2 days in the office (which sometimes pops up in multiple locations in the Design District and South Beach,) and to have an iPhone. Macbook-ready vs PC is preferred.

We will be conducting interviews for candidates this week and next, with a decision to be made by end of next week!  To apply, email your resume to

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