All the World’s a Stage, The Genuine Cooks Merely Players

IMG_9719 As you may know, Bradley Herron was inspired by a story Marcus Samuelsson told in his memoir wherein he hosted a dinner at his home to raise money to send one of his line cooks to stage with a great chef from his past. Now, thanks to internal and community support, we’ve been doing the same.

Harry’s Pizzeria sous chef Steve Martin is constantly using the knowledge he acquired in Cleveland at Greenhouse Tavern. He says, “That dinner changed the way I think about everything. The chefs are so passionate, they just want to be the best at their craft. The food was so hearty and rich, it’s the food I like to eat. I loved it.” MGFD line cook Milton Vega’s time at Sbraga in Philadelphia was memorable as well. “After service he sat me down and we ate a full tasting menu,” he said. “What about foam and tweezers,” I had to ask. “Yeah, all that, and he taught me how to make a foie gras soup that he has.”

IMG_9741Our last stage supper was as tasty as it was successful, and coupled with the lush tropical setting of Bradley’s back yard, it’s no wonder that our front and back of house staff turned up to lend a hand. Admitting he had never cooked Mexican before, line cook Juan Mayo said, “I wanted to do something from Latin America, and with Cinco de Mayo coming up it was a perfect fit.” From beef tongue tacos and blue corn tamales to chili chocolate flan and freshly fried churros, no one would have guessed it was his first time taking it on, and for his reward, he heads up to chef Chris Hasting’s restaurant Hot & Hot Fish Club for a stage. Hot and more hot it will certainly be in Birmingham in June but Juan isn’t concerned, “I’m excited to learn something different – this is the only kitchen I’ve ever been in – I’m nervous but it’s easy to be perfect for a week, after that it isn’t easy.” I for one can’t wait to hear all about it!

Next up it’s line cook Kino West’s turn to create a dinner for us. After which he will be jetting off to NOMA in Copenhagen. For three months! “How did such an incredible opportunity arise,” I asked. “Hard work,” Kino replied, “I’ve been talking to [René Redzepi] for two years now. I’m ready to do something different, go outside of my zone and learn something new.” IMG_9727

Seems to be a common theme here with the company.  With Genuine faces popping up beachside at the Raleigh, all around the country at Michael’s gracious chef friend’s restaurants, and now across the pond; for the Genuine Team it seems all the world really is a stage.

Please see below for ticket details to Kino’s supper.  And if you are interested in getting in on any of these opportunities yourself, and you happen to be a server, server assistant, hostess, reservation agent (with Open Table experience), or a line cook, please bring your resume and apply in person at 10:00 am or 3:00 p.m. weekdays at MGFD.

When: Sunday, May 26, 5:30-8:00 p.m.
Where: Hosted by executive chef Bradley Herron at his home
What: Please join us for meal cooked by one of our own so they can travel to stage at a great chef’s restaurant.
$50 includes:
Welcome Cocktail + Snacks
3 courses including dessert, served family-style
RSVP: Please say yes to Bradley with cash if you see him or conveniently use your credit card through Brown Paper Tickets here
Why: Help line cook Kino West get to Copenhagen!

Adieu. IMG_9751

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