Summertime. And the Garden is Solarized.

IMG_0532Yesterday was a great day for solarizing.  The rain poured all morning soaking the soil, then the sun came out giving us the better part of the day to get the Phillis Wheatley Elementary Edible School Garden weeded and covered for the long hot summer. And their tasty reward for getting down and dirty in the snail, centipede and bug filled soil: the Science Club came to Harry’s Pizzeria to enjoy the last of their harvest!  Long green eggplant, Thai basil, callaloo, green zebra and other heirloom tomato varieties all topped pies that the fifth graders got to learn about making. See here for the full flickr set.  IMG_0476

BIG THANK YOU’s to Margie Pikarsky of Bee Haven Farm who has donated her time, energy and seemingly endless knowledge to the 2013-14 Phillis Wheatley Edible School Garden, as well as Nicole who came from the farm to help, Harry’s chefs Manuel Sulbaran and Steve Martin, Harry Schwartz who came to play, Phillis Wheatley Elementary Science Coach Kelly Garcia and Math Coach Myriam Ordaz, and chef Bill Telepan who helped us raise the funds for next years garden!

Have a great summer everyone!


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