Brunch to the Next Level: Harry’s Pizzeria-Style

For all you Harry’s fans out there, have no fear, new brunch items are here!  Chef de cuisine Manny Sulbaran is busting out six new dishes that are sure to quell even the most voracious of Sunday afternoon appetites.  Whether you want to amp up your morning toast game with some whipped homemade ricotta,  are craving some melt in your mouth meat with our osso bucco ragu, or are ready for a textural adventure with the crispy pancetta risotto cake,  these new goodies will hit all the right spots and then some.  Don’t worry though folks, for those of you who may want to forgo these brunch items for a breakfast pizza layered and spread with love along with a beautifully runny egg yolk we will be rolling out different pizzas on a weekly basis.  Below are the six new killer brunch items we are doing along with some photos that will have you counting down the days until Sunday brunch and most likely drooling all over your keyboard or phone.  Brunch goes from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, so whenever you’re feeling right and ready, head on over with your friends and family for some weekend fun!

But for those of you who can’t make it to brunch, we have a little treat for you to bring the Harry’s vibe into your own kitchen.  Attached to this blog post is the recipe for our whipped homemade ricotta!  Now we know what you’re thinking, “Do these people actually expect me to make cheese from scratch?  That’s a laugh.”  Erase any hesitation you might have in mind though because this recipe is easy as pie.  Whip some up for some your own brunch extravaganza, top your homemade pizzas with it, or maybe even make some ricotta cheesecake if you’re feeling real adventurous, the choice is yours!

WHIPPED HOMEMADE RICOTTA wood oven roasted FL peaches, spiced cashews, local honey, brioche toast 9

CRISPY RISOTTO CAKE pancetta, arrabiata sauce, poached egg 8

OSSO BUCCO RAGU roasted squash, farm egg, piave 9

CHICKEN SAUSAGE CRESPELLE besciamella, parmesan 9


CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT PANETTONE whipped mascarpone & candied orange zest 7

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