Testing, Testing, 1-5-0: Summer Menus Shaping Up Shoreside

Have no fear, summer menus are here at 150 Central Park.  They are set to be implemented this upcoming August on both Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas.  Dishes are currently being tested by the hands of Chef Dominic Bradshaw, Chef de Cuisine of 150 Central Park and Chef Thomas Tennant in town from Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, Grand Cayman. Dominic was kind enough to take a break  from working his cavateli magic in The Cypress Room kitchen to have a chat about the upcoming menus and what factors have played a role in its conception.

As all of you Genuine readers know, freshness, seasonality, and quality are three of the cornerstones that each of our restaurants foundations are built upon, so naturally these three keys were paramount in developing the summer menus for 150 Central Park. How unique it was to have a truly farm-to-table restaurant on a cruise ship.  One of the more difficult tasks they encountered when conceptualizing this menu was the fact that Florida’s summer climate makes sourcing produce a trying task.  Because of this a major focus was placed on sourcing the best possible proteins as well as highlighting one of Florida’s more abundant summer time fruits, the lychee.

As amazing as this might sound to us Floridians, a lot of people have never even heard of a lychee according to Dominic! He went on to explain that, “We freeze the lychees which preserve incredibly well and thaw out almost instantly when needed.  It is such an exotic item to many of our diners, we often will even offer a whole lychee for them to try.”  This item will be a feature on the menu and can be seen in the Florida Lobster and Lychee salad as well as Lychee Cuatro Leches.  No need to fret though readers, we are putting the same amount of love into each and every other delectably delicious item on the menu!

Here are a few teasers to add to your already watering mouth after the lychee talk: Grilled Harris Ranch New York Strip with thrice cooked fries and a porcini Worcestershire sauce and a Mixed Grill of Venison loin with braised fennel and fennel pollen and Palmetto Creek Sausage with soft polenta and roasted tomato.  As on prior 150 Central Park menus we will also be sourcing from Borek, Swank, and Palmetto Creek Farms among others and the restaurant will feature two menus each week.  Monday-Thursday will be the Meadow menu and Friday-Sunday will be the Artisan menu.

Now unfortunately this is about all the information I can give for now without risking upsetting any chefs in the kitchen.  Know that there is some serious kitchen experimenting going on right now, and be sure to stay tuned on the blog for more updates!

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