Baby, You’re a Firework!

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It’s Hedy Goldsmith’s birthday, y’all!  And while we’ve got barbecue and fireworks on the brain, she’s mixing up all kinds of ice cream recipes, because it is the eve of Independence Day, but also National Ice Cream Month.

To celebrate, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink HQ in the Design District is putting a new ice cream dessert on the menu each week.  This week it’s affogato! The delicious Italian dessert screams summertime, combining my two favorite things, ice cream and espresso. Hedy makes it sing with a shot of Panther Coffee, brown butter breadcrumbs and fresh fruit like cherries and raspberries.  Next week, look for ice cream sandwiches, just the thought of which had me doing my happy dance in the pastry station.

And since we know Hedy loves to dance the line between sweet and savory, she offers you here a recipe for tomorrow, the happy summer holiday of hot dogs, American flags, sun burns and cold beer.  Cheers to keeping your eyes safe from the smoky barbecue and your kids as happy as your friends!  Thanks to Hedy for always keeping our childhood favorites at heart.  Happy Birthday baby, you’re a firework!

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