A Friday List.


2. Another Harry’s Pizzeria Chef Pop-Up has come and gone [PICS and REVIEW] and another POP is Chef is coming our way! [TICKETS]

3. Things have been getting crunkified in MGFD Pastry land, our own version of the latest meme: crookies Image

4. Chef Michael Schwartz has opened The Cypress Room for lunch, thank you for making day time in the Design District that much classier.

5. We hear this sunshine is not going to last through the weekend so please keep your rain dancing shoes on!

6. The MGFD chefs Niven Patel and Jason Arroyo are preparing an amazing squid ink pasta for tonight’s menu. “To me, the salty pasta pairs best with a simple heirloom tomato sauce with a good kick,” said Jason. I could not agree more.


7. Swim week is getting fishy with a Restaurant Michael Schwartz ‘CEVICHE’ stand. With our brand spankin’ new Canon D5 and 100 mm ultrasonic macro lens (video capabilities, cha-ching!), here’s our first crack at some behind the scenes footage. Practice makes perfect!

8. Have a great weekend!

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