A Postcard from NOLA: Goodspeed’s Tales of the Cocktail & Some Things to Look Forward to at Home

The Genuine Hospitality Group Beverage Director Ryan Goodspeed is now heading home after an amazing weekend at Tales of the Cocktail, sweetly suffering the ultimate in genuine hospitality: the southern kind. We happily followed along on Instagram as he ate and drank his way through this annual fulcrum of the beverage industry with friends and neighbors old and new to guide him, and absorbing way more than mere spirits in the journey. Here is his dispatch, fresh from the fray, and from which clarity can be extracted for his own work here at home. We can’t wait to taste it. Catch that flight Ryan, and Godspeed!

NEW ORLEANS – July 20, 2013: Tales of a Great Time. City of Zero Pressure and ultimate hospitality in a human manifestation? Second double espresso… Cobwebs!! One step further… everybody here wants to share something and get you involved.

Thanks going out today to:

Gabe Urrutia – Bacardi, and this Tuesday’s Martini Culture guest bringing The 1940 Martini (A tribute to The Raleigh) with D’usse VSOP Cognac, Martini Gran Lusso (LIMITED EDITION) and Dash Orange Curacao, stirred and served with Filthy Amarena Cherry and orange peel, as well as The Aqua Cabana Club Martini with D’usse VSOP Cognac, Disaronno, guava puree, lemon juice and vanilla syrup, shaken and strained with a Flower garnish.
Kris Roth – 86 Co.
Juan Ernesto – Domaine Select
Benjamin Jones – Rhum JM
Romina Puente Armano – Capurro Pisco
Loni Paige – Happy Birthday!
Jacob and Jamie
Jen Massolo – Spirited Sirens and Craft, on the receiving end of a rare gesture in this world, good samaritans rescuing her phone from a runaway cab, but that’s New Orleans. People want to help you. Love it.
Lady Lillet – She is sweet.

I’m at the Hotel Modern, that houses the Top 10 bar Bellocq. Every morning I try to find a corner of the patio or restaurant Tivoli & Lee where the kind fellow behind the bar does not offer me a Cereal Killer Punch “taste”. There are two American History Museums next door, The Butcher and Cochon mere blocks away, and The Quarter is a short ride or hot 20 minute walk.

Last night I saw Best Bartender, in which Cricket Nelson, responsible for The Cypress Room’s tea service cocktail, won with her “Love Game” at House of Blues. Broken Shaker did not win at the Bartenders Brawl, but they represented well opposite The Citizen, The Daily, and a handful of other amazing programs around the country in a ruckus and poorly organized entrance to an otherwise gigantic event. A who’s who of people milling around while the likes of Jim Meehan, Jacques and others judged the competition.

Today I’m in search of the best Po’ Boy not from Domilicies… uptown. Heading to Verti Marte in the quarter then a lecture on bottling cocktails. Hoping to spy Ivy Mix, and see where the day heads — hopefully towards Cricket who I’ve barely seen at all. Tales is tough because there’s so much going on at once. You have to temper your expectations and what is actually reasonable to achieve. That said… I will try again to walk briskly to an event and not be sidelined by a friend, fellow or intriguing conversation form somebody far more interesting than I.

Loving this trip.


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