[VIDEO] Shaking and Stirring Things Up at the Raleigh Martini Bar

I always say one should not be a baker if you don’t like cake.  I love the culture of Martini’s the way the glass feels in your hand..  That bar demands proper cocktails, it’s about the room the music the conversation between the guests and  general merriment.

RMS Menu-4.25x11-Martini Culture + Snacks_073013That’s straight from the mouth of greatness, tonight’s Martini Culture guest mixologist Crispy Soloperto.  Crispy knows a thing or two about culture, and curating it, as she does behind another kind of bar day in and day out where she presides as concierge at The Standard Hotel.  It’s a statement that rings true even for a martini amateur like me.  Incredible what a little culturing can do.  As someone who wasn’t versed in the ways of this drink that is the ultimate expression of the golden age of cocktails, doing the weekly Martini Culture event has been eye opening.  A delicious learning experience in fact, and one that has stuck.  And most importantly, thanks to all the talented bar people we’ve met and who have put themselves in the hands of The Genuine Hospitality Group beverage director and Martini Culture chairman Ryan Goodspeed and Raleigh Hotel head bartender Trevor Alberts for the evening.  Here’s to Tuesdays, and to homecomings.  See you there tonight from 7-9:00 p.m. at the Raleigh Martini Bar, when Crispy will present her martinis and through them, a peek into a past re-imagined.